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Erasmus Plus Strategic Partnership - Innovation - YOUTH

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In the last 8 months the COVID-19 pandemic and related lockdown measures have produced significant interruptions in young people’s lives, the impact of which is still to be analysed and understood in the future. However what we can grasp at this stage of the evolution and what some research already pointed out is that young people have been hit in their transition phases to adulthood and autonomy (young people transition to education, to employment, towards economic and financial independence, or to establishing their own family, to getting the right to vote). If everybody was affected in some way by the pandemic (children, young-people, adults, elderly) - for young-people is an devastating hit that affected, stopped, changed or even derailed their evolution and becoming even active citizens in the local and EU community - we are entering not a short period but a longer era of new normality that young people will have to cope with.


  • Providing innovative non-formal educational tools that contribute to skill and competence development

  • Reactivation of core values of EU (active citizenship, entrepreneurship)

  • Accelerating digital transformation in youth work

  • Boosting creativity for young people in Europe


The project lasts for 24 months. From April 2021 to March 2023.



  • Direct target group: youth workers

  • Indirect target group: youth


  1. The first intellectual output represents a methodology, guide and toolkit which will help as a support to create multimodal escape rooms in interdisciplinary contexts.

  2. The second intellectual output represents an APP which will serve to customize a multimodal escape room in any context.



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