Proyectos KA2


Cooperación para la innovación y intercambio de buenas prácticas. 

Asociaciones estratégicas en el ámbito de la educación, la formación y la juventud.

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The main idea of this strategic project in Covid19 context and taking into

account the creativity aspect in a non formal environment is to design a

multifunctional and interdisciplinary tool to be used in youth work by

practitioners (i.e. youth workers, trainers, facilitators) at the European level.

The main goal of this project is to create a long lasting network including important actors of the educational system, in order to share experiences and best practices and innovative educational methodology, in working with different targets groups (children, youth, adults) blending formal and non-formal methods.

Find your way out of digital addiction labyrinth 

In Vino Expertise wants to support the training of unemployed adults in the field of wine tourism in specially equipped areas with wine tourism resources and using a transnational approach in dealing with the cultural heritage of European product such as wine.

Find your way out the technological addiction labyrinth – TECHBYRINTH is a project aimed to raise awareness about the risk of technological and online addictions and to provide viable solutions and advice related to digital competences for youth and youth workers.

COMunication INclusion

The aim of this project is to prepare tools for educators and creators of educational programs from countries of the project participants who are able to deal with the activation and education of people over 60 in an attractive

and effective way.

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Supporting Elderly Needs Is Our Responsability 

The main idea of the project is to design a simple 3-step process to help health and social service providers easing their work and empower seniors to become active citizens at the same time. The process will have the following main steps: understand the needs of the target group,  upskill the trainers and train the professionals.

Stop child abuse ThrOugh effective training and augmented reality
Citizen's inclusion prospects improved by volunteering

"STOP child abuse" is a Strategic Partnership for an innovation project in the field of Youth funded by the Erasmus+ program. Entities from Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Italy, and Spain will work for 26 months to provide effective tools the EU Youth

Erasmus+ project created by 6 organizations experienced on the management of volunteering programs. Yes Volunteering, volunteering for social inclusion.

The referee of volunteering

«El árbitro del voluntariado» tiene como objetivo crear una herramienta fiable con toda la información sobre los problemas diarios que un voluntario podría tener durante su estadía en un país extranjero. Por extensión, es un instrumento que recopilaría todas las respuestas o soluciones a tantas preguntas y dudas que generalmente se solicita a un tutor de voluntarios para que resuelvan y con las que las guías oficiales no ayudan. El proyecto también tiende a reemplazar todos aquellos foros y blogs informales que pretenden deshacerse de la guía oficial, especialmente en una época en que el servicio voluntario se está convirtiendo en algo generalizado, el Cuerpo Europeo de Solidaridad.

The Airbag of Erasmus+

The Airbag of Erasmus+ is a Strategic Partnership for Innovation in the field of Youth, in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme. A mobile APP will be created among 5 European entities of 4 different countries, very active in mobility projects. 

The project has started in March 2020 and will last until October 2021. During the AIRBAG+ lifespan, transnational meetings of partners, multiplier events and dissemination activities will take please, while designing and testing the Intellectual Output, that is the mobile App of AIRBAG+