Supporting Elderly Needs is Our Responsibility

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Erasmus Plus Strategic Partnership - Innovation - ADULTS 


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The main problem is the lower level of commitment of the elderly to participate in education and experience-sharing activities and the lack of adequate training of caregivers to know how to motivate them.


  • Improve the skill level of 25 EDUCATORES to contribute adequately to the education and development of the elderly in 13 months.

  • Facilitate 150 SENIORS access to informal learning opportunities and experience exchanges in 10 months.

  • Improve the capacity of 15 ADULT ORGANIZATIONS to properly value the elderly in 16 months.


  • Direct target group: educators of adults

  • Indirect target group: seniors


The project lasts for 24 months. From November 2020 to October 2022.



1st Newsletter​


A comprehensive needs analysis report comprising various aspects of adult education, from the needs of educators working with seniors to methods to keep seniors involved in activities.

A set of educational tools comprising Course modules for educators, facilitators and volunteers developed in 5 languages to facilitate the improvement of the skills of adult educators.

Online training course and practical activity scenarios.


What does it feel to be old?

What does it feel to be old? It is a question whose answers youth can only imagine. Old age seems so far away that they are not even trying to imagine or search for these answers.

But we do! Deses-3, even though a youth association, we promote intergenerational learning as an instrument to reduce intergenerational gap and to foster dialogue and exchange of ideas and skills between youth and elders.

Supporting Elders Is Our Responsibility, acronymed SENIOR is a Strategic Partnership for innovation project, financed by the European Commission in which we are partners. And we are proud of it! The elders need us and the community needs them. And youngsters need them even more! Elders help us not to lose our roots, sense of identity and heritage. It is our responsibility to help them to be an active part of the community! But how can we do it? The first step is getting to know them and understanding their needs and issues they face.

That is why, Deses-3 organized an Empathy workshop, in the framework of the project SENIOR. During this workshop 25 youngsters have experienced some of the physical issues the elders need to face daily.  They have been introduced to the concepts of intergenerational gap and intergenerational learning after which they have been asked to think about some challenges elders face.