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Safe & Informed Volunteering


Erasmus Plus Strategic Partnership - Innovation - YOUTH 



The covid-19 pandemic and related lockdown measures and travelling restrictions have produced significant interruptions in young people’s lives, the impact of which is still to be analysed and understood in the future. Restriction of movement threatened to destroy the international volunteer sector and NGOs, devastating the projects that depend on them for support. The pandemic has especially hit hard the recruitment of international volunteers, with some volunteer-sending organisations already forced to reinvent their activities.



  • To create an instrument to improve the participation of all young people in ESC projects in an informed and secure manner;

  • facilitate previous preparation of volunteers for the ESC projects;

  • foster the integration of the volunteers in the project community (village/town/city – neighborhood);

  • improve the collaboration between hosting organization and volunteers;

  • develop the sense of initiative and social entrepreneurship of youth and youth workers.


  • Direct target group: Youth workers

  • Indirect target group: Youth that participate in Erasmus+ projects.


The project lasts for 24 months. From December 2021 to November 2023.


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The main tangible result will be concretized into an APP, a free digital tool which will support NGOs active in ESC, youth workers and educators in their work and will improve the selection process of the volunteers and also the development of the volunteering projects.

The APP will serve as an instrument to improve the participation of all young people in ESC projects in an informed and secure manner, will facilitate pre-preparation for European volunteering, as well as integration at the site of volunteering and will overcome the mismatch between the expectations of the volunteers and the reality of the project’s place.

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